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During the critical evaluation stage, our highly trained team provide necessary information to aid informed decisions.

We assist with:

  • Product location layout
  • Infection control planning
  • Scheduling time lines and labor requirements
  • Deployment details
  • Staff and patient interaction with project
  • Budget consideration concerning installation
  • Demo and mockup installations


Safe. Durable. Functional. Clean.

We use the highest quality installation materials and best installation technicians. Our materials and methods are meant to last. We communicate and coordinate with you to minimize the impact in your 24/7 environments.


    Once the project is completed, the IRG project manager will audit and certify the installation.  Certification will qualify every installation for our exclusive warranty and maintenance program.



    IRG offers a one year, "on-site" warranty and maintenance program to all certified installations. This program is designed to enhance the manufacturers' product warranty, and give you peace of mind that the equipment you invested in is working properly and maintained throughout its lifecycle. This program can be renewed yearly at an additional cost.

    Program Includes:

    • Phone support for all ICW products
    • On-site repair of all manufacturer warranted parts
    • On-site maintenance visits to:
      • Inspect and adjust each arm to factory specifications
      • Repair and replace any damaged parts